Live in play statistics

We all know in-play betting can be profitable as you can see in real time how a team is performing. To do this effectively you need more than a Bookmakers site, you need more in-depth data to help you make informed decisions and that's where we come in, currently you may waste hours and miss opportunities by viewing the stats on the top betting websites one by one. Now you can see all of these stats at a glance, our colour coding and pressure index make it easy to trade visually.

Instantly see opportunities

The scanner is colour coded to highlight opportunities. If one team's statistics are double the opposition then that statistic is highlighted. This allows your eyes to be instantly drawn to a game where one team is on top.


Real time data

The scanner has a wealth of real time information.
Shots on Target, Shots off Target, Dangerous attacks, Pressure graphs, Corners, Cards and recent form. You can see the last 5,10 and 20 minute data .



Configure your own strategies within Soccerscanner.
Use live stats, historical stats and even starting odds to build your strategy.If a strategy matches with a live game then you will be sent an alert via telegram. Our amazing query builder lets you make complex strategies with ease


Restrict what you see

Select what leagues your interested in, only see and get alerts on Leagues you select.


Help when you need it.

We pride ourselves on giving the best customer experience possible, we have a fully documented help Library and we offer email advice. Got a problem or dont understand something then just ask.


Fully configurable

The Scanner is completely customizable , move columns, add additional columns even remove them. Configure the scanner in a way t suit your trading style, all done with nothing more than a mouse



163 Countries


Over 750 Leagues


Over 15000 Teams